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Funky Mushroom Shaped Wall Lamp

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$19.99 - $39.99
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A captivating addition to your home that combines usefulness with a dash of nature-inspired style is the Funky Mushroom-Shaped Wall Lamp. This lamp gives out a cozy, ambient glow in every location it graces because of its mushroom-inspired design.


  • Lightweight & Compact Design: Weighing only 4.6 ounces and with dimensions of 3.23 x 0.16 x 3.7 inches, this lamp is designed to be unobtrusive and space-efficient, making it an ideal choice for any room, regardless of size.
  • Warm Ambient Glow: Engineered to emit a soft and warm light, this lamp creates a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and comfort, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  • Smart Light Sensor with Dimmable Feature: The built-in smart sensor automatically adjusts the brightness from dawn to dusk, providing the right amount of light based on the ambient room brightness, and ensuring energy efficiency.

  • EU Plug Compatibility: Comes with a Type-C EU plug, making it suitable for use across Europe without the need for an adapter, and is designed to work with the standard voltage in European households.
  • Quality Variance Acknowledgement: A slight variance in brightness between lamps is a normal characteristic, adding individuality to each piece while still delivering the quality and performance expected.

This Funky Mushroom Shaped Wall Lamp is not just a lighting fixture; it's a statement piece that offers both beauty and intelligent functionality. Whether placed in a hallway, bedroom, or living area, it provides a magical touch that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Eye-Comfort: Unlike the harshness of blue light, our lights offer a warm hue that minimizes eye strain and reduces fatigue, promoting longer, more comfortable periods of relaxation or work.
  • Ambiance of Warmth: The soft, yellow-toned glow of our lights enhances the feeling of coziness, creating an inviting and comfortable space that's perfect for unwinding.