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About Us


After doing a simple Internet search, I discovered that studies show individuals who've been exposed to high levels of illumination benefit tremendously. This type of light exposure is far more than your generic classroom and resembles the natural illumination of Earth. Bright lights are also known for boosting mood & concentration, two prominent sections of our everyday lives. From past experiences, I think most can agree that lighting plays a substantial role in any activity. 

Getting the perfect lighting for you is ideal to ensure you are performing to the best of your ability. Whether it's the lighting at work, your home office, school, or your bedroom, everyone deserves to find their perfect, ergonomic lighting. If you're out searching for a light fixture or a variety of lamps, a quick thought you'll begin to understand is that some lighting options burn a big hole in your pocket. With so many other required expenses in life, spending your hard-earned money on lighting may not be a priority. But no need to worry; it no longer has to be a struggle. This exact issue is where Sparklie Lights was born! 

Intending to fit all lighting needs of every individual out there, we have curated the perfect set of lights for anywhere you need to fill a dark void. Our lighting options come at a fraction of the cost of some unnecessarily expensive fixtures available on the market right now. We give customers 100% control over every aspect of their lights, creating a unique opportunity and environment for everyone who joins our community. Our team of Superb Experts has spent countless hours creating the PERFECT product for every individual out there. Sparklie Lights strives for nothing but the purest of customer satisfaction in every interaction we have! 

The Sparklie Lights Office has loads of these intricate lights placed around to elevate the workplace environment and our team's overall morale. Let me tell you it's done wonders here! 

Join our loving community today and discover the wonders Sparklie Light Sets bring! Are You Ready to Light Up Your World?