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Blossom Box

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The Flower Blossom Box is a must-have for tulip enthusiasts, combining a stunning illuminated tulip design with a functional mirror.

It infuses bedrooms, living rooms, or study spaces with a warm and inviting glow thanks to its soft, ambient lighting.

Whether you seek a gentle light source, a touch of floral elegance reflected in the mirror, or a creative project, the Blossom Box offers beauty, warmth, and a connection to nature's charm

Mirror Effect

Transform any space with the Blossom Box Tulip Light. Initially resembling a refined mirror, it surprises with a breathtaking array of glowing tulips when switched on. Its blend of sophistication and artistry adds instant elegance to any room.


It's a perfect blend of elegance and wonder, sure to brighten up any space and bring a smile to your face. Dive into the magic and let the Blossom Box transform your surroundings with its blooming beauty!