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9W GLS Silver Crown LED Dimmable Light Bulb (E27)

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The 9W GLS Silver Crown LED Dimmable Light Bulb (E27) by LiquidLEDs is designed for decorative lighting and can replace standard 75-watt incandescent light bulbs, saving up to 90% on energy. This device produces high-quality light with excellent color rendering and a controlled beam that emits no glare.


The GLS Silver Crown LED Light Bulb can be difficult to distinguish from other incandescent light bulbs based solely on appearance. This is a deliberate effect, as we wanted this device to appeal to consumers who are wary of the futuristic, even strange, designs of many LED lighting products on the market. The GLS Silver Crown LED filament can be used to replace any incandescent light bulb—just screw it into a compatible fixture and turn it on.

The 9-Watt GLS Silver Crown LED filament Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs also has a 25,000-hour lifespan, dimming capability, no mercury presence, and no UV and IR emissions.


  • Glass Finish: Silver Crown
  • Shape: A60 GLS
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 93.6
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Cap Type: Edison Screw
  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Luminous Flux: 986 lumen
  • Color Temperature: 2700k Warm White
  • Average Life: 25000 hours
  • Bulb Size: Ø60×108mm
  • Incandescent Equivalent: 75watts