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4W Fancy Round Dimmable LED Bulb (B22) Clear in Warm White

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The 4W Fancy Round Dimmable LED Bulb (B22) Clear in Warm White its adorable little light will illuminate any space and provides a glittering, powerful, warm white illumination both during the day and at night.


  • The 4-Watt Fancy Round Clear Dimmable LED Filament Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs is an intricately designed light bulb that uses 21st-century LED lighting technology in a way that is distinctive from traditional incandescent light bulb design.
  • The golf ball-sized lightbulb handles everything. Its energy efficiency is one of the reasons why it is so adored. It produces light that is as bright as a 40W incandescent bulb and is clear, bright, and sparkling. Because of this, it will undoubtedly serve you well for more than 25,000 hours. Additionally, unlike standard bulbs, it has a color rendering index of over 90, which guarantees a comfortable environment.
  • It is compatible with Trailing edge and Phase dimmers and has an upgraded smooth dimming capability. It has an elegantly clear finish. Enjoy brightness that transitions smoothly from 0% to 100%.
  • The warm white color temperature you should choose is either 2700K or 3000K. The ideal lighting for relaxing in living rooms and bedrooms is 2700K because it is more generous and gets you closer to that yellow-orange color. Comparatively speaking, the 3000K lies halfway between yellow and white. Flickers don't exist. No flashing. No radiation or glaring lights.
  • General decorative and ambient lighting is ensured by the use of LED filaments that have been carefully positioned to emit a 360° beam that covers the entire room.
  • Accept the 4-watt Fancy Round 2700K or 3000K Clear Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, commercial spaces, retail shops, hotels, and home office areas where visual tasks are more frequent.
  • *Please be aware that bulbs with a 2700K color temperature do not flicker.


    • Glass Finish: Clear
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Voltage: 240 volts
    • Cap Type: B22 Bayonet Cap
    • Luminous Flux: 400 lumen
    • Wattage: 4 watts
    • Incandescent Equivalent: 40 watts
    • Color Temperature: 2700K or 3000K
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 90.00
    • Average Life : 25000 hours
    • Bulb Size: Ø45×80mm